Exit 82 Theater – Legally Blonde

I recently took in Exit 82 Theater Company’s summer production of Legally Blonde, the Musical. This is the second of the companies three productions this year and it surely did not disappoint. I thought that their spring production was fabulous, but once again they have raised the bar even further and cemented their place as a force to be recognized in the local theater community.

A core group of individuals who regularly participate can only strengthen the cohesiveness in their productions and in this running of Legally Blonde some fantastic new blood was placed in to the lead roles. The faces I recognized from previous shows stepped aside and played support roles but they certainly still starred in their own right, often providing the comic relief and vocal support that gives that little extra Exit 82 touch that the crowd came for.

I remain in awe of the efforts this volunteer cast puts forth and will be looking forward to this winters shows and beyond. A few shows are left for this running, if you get the opportunity be sure and check it out. A surprise announcement is even scheduled for the fall, me thinks they have outgrown the confines of their current theater and it is time to move into a bigger venue in order to hold their growing fan base. Sign up on their email list to be notified of all the upcoming and important happenings in their world. But before you go, enjoy a few shots from Legally Blonde.

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Published by Phil Shepherd

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