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Welcome to my journey to slow life down, enjoy the subtleties and rediscover what it means to be pure.

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Husband, Father, Paramedic, Chocoholic. I am a head shot and portrait photographer based in Ocean County, NJ and happily challenged by the diversity life offers. We live in a most wonderful world, full of unique personalities and individual styles. This word press site was my first foray into the world of blogging and coincided with me delving into all the complexities entailed in the pressing of a little button.

This site has morphed into a space to share my solitude sessions. Moments when I am adventuring solo, on the hunt for the perfect composition. I hope to share with you the experiences, trials and tribulations from those occasional strolls.

Be sure and stop by my main page, or the musicians site to take in the full gambit!

Enjoy your time here. Feel free to leave a comment , follow along or just say hi!

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