A Winter’s Growth

For almost a week I have been documenting the bloom of an Amaryllis¬†we received as a gift. The main reason I did this was to gain confidence when utilizing a high iso on my 7D. This camera is not know for it’s high iso capability so for the past year with that fact in my head I was guilty of underexposing images due to the fact that I was scared to go above a setting of 1600. Many times I am unable to use flash and find myself fighting for light.

For those who do not know what iso is, it is an integral part of the exposure triangle which allows more light to reach the cameras sensor. The main drawback is an image that turns out dirty. By this I mean it may have noise or grain showing. Until recently consumer model cameras were incapable of producing acceptable images if the iso was raised. I have been shooting a lot of studio stuff the past few months and dance season is right around the corner. I need to try and establish some further confidence when I need a shutter speed of 1/500 and the only way I can get there is with an iso of 2500+.

So, I set my iso to 2500, aperture to f4 on the trusty 24-105 and varied the shutter speed based on lighting conditions. The only constant light I had was the heating lamp pointing into the dragon tank. Indirect at best. Normally I would turn on the room light, and sometimes the sun came in through the windows.

We had the plant almost three weeks before it began blooming and once it started it was quite cool watching it open. The first hint appeared on Dec 23. I tried to capture an image every 12 hours or so.

12/23 09:18
12/23 09:18 1/40th
12/24 09:35
12/24 09:35 1/80
12/25 10:39
12/25 10:39 1/30
12/25 23:00
12/25 23:00 1/40

During the 26th growth was rapid!

12/26 13:11
12/26 13:11 f8, 1/13
12/26 17:40
12/26 17:40 f8, 1/160
12/26 21:25
12/26 21:25 f8, 1/10
12/26 23:11
12/26 23:11 1/800
12/27 13:28
12/27 13:28 1/200
12/28 00:21
12/28 00:21 1/8th
12/28 19:12
12/28 19:12 1/30
12/29 21:14
12/29 21:14 1/20

LR4 Noise reduction was used to clean them up a bit, but overall I am very happy with the results. If this is any indication then I have been missing out on some very good captures exposure wise. I remember one thing from my boy scout days,sitting around a fire repeating these words until it was figured it out…


Mr. 7D you have restored my faith, if you need to raise the iso to get a good exposure, go for it. It’s OK……I should have listened to Jared Polin a long time ago….

Happy New Year!

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A White Christmas

This winters production from Toms River’s Exit 82 Theater Company¬†is now underway. The selection of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas marks a return to the stage for one of the Company’s founding members and current Artistic Director, Sean Openshaw.

Artistic Director Sean Openshaw
Artistic Director Sean Openshaw

This show marks the companies 7th production since it became a not for profit organization in 2009. With a cast and crew comprised solely of volunteers their passion and love for the performing arts shines in this years adaptation of White Christmas. I continue to be in awe of the talent of all the performers and I am thoroughly impressed by the dedication each one holds to their craft.

WhiteXmas1_PShepherd-88If you are a New Jersey resident, get in the spirit, take the time to support the arts and go experience the sights and sounds of Exit 82 Theater Company’s rendition of White Christmas. Tickets available here or at the door.







Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

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My Apologies, I have not been able to stay on top of the blog lately, been a bit distracted

Fear not though, I am still getting to capture some images

I hope to be back in the swing of things soon though, healing takes time and I am sure most of you would agree, family comes first. Underneath my stoic exterior I am still a bit uneasy, this one was scary.

For my wife, the mother of our beautiful daughter, A woman as tough as they come.


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