Madi Gras Graduation meets White Seamless

A Madi Gras/Masquerade themed party highlighted our daughters 8th grade graduation party recently and being a good parent and wanting to document the event I forced myself to break out the white seamless and a couple of flashes. Yup, I forced myself….NOT….what better way to get some simple portrait time in, make people happy andContinue reading “Madi Gras Graduation meets White Seamless”

Attack of the Harmless Bee

I wanted to take advantage of a day off and a minor decrease in temperature to give attention to some flowers that were in need of dead heading. The bed in which I was working are frequented by Bumblebees. Lots of them. They love the Cone Flowers. Every time I reached for a stem aContinue reading “Attack of the Harmless Bee”

A Whirlwind Finish

A three week whirlwind of dance has come to a close and with it the end of our dance season. The end of June was the annual recital beginning with dress rehearsals, Followed a couple of days later with a weekend full of sold out recital performances, A couple of rehearsals and lots of packingContinue reading “A Whirlwind Finish”