Attack of the Harmless Bee

I wanted to take advantage of a day off and a minor decrease in temperature to give attention to some flowers that were in need of dead heading. The bed in which I was working are frequented by Bumblebees. Lots of them. They love the Cone Flowers. Every time I reached for a stem a bee landed right on top the flower, as if anticipating what the clippers were about to do, in order to get the last drop and spec of pollen left in the dying head. It was quite comical vying for space among the insects. I started feeling guilty taking away their food so I left a few piles for them until the new growth fills out…Just makes me wonder what they were thinking and if they were really doing this on purpose. Hey, you never know…..

BumbleBee_pSp-3 BumbleBee_pSp-4

It is the tiniest ones that could hurt the most


And since camera was in hand and I paused to allow someone to build their home.

Bird House_pSp

While this next capture has no birds or bees, I am liking the way it looks.

BumbleBee_pSp-5A quick one today, need to get back to my chores…

Thanks for stopping! Till next time

Published by Phil Shepherd

Capturing my interpretation of this world and its inhabitants... I am a Headshot and Portrait Photographer and supporter of Live, Local Music. This offering is dedicated mainly to Mom Nature and the travels I indulge in with her.

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