A Relaxing Finale

The last day of my scouting mission and I was done drove out. A bit too much time behind the wheel for my liking, but we had achieved mission success and created some plans for the future. This trip was back in June, here it is now the middle of August and I was doingContinue reading “A Relaxing Finale”

New River Gorge

Day three found me going two hours in the opposite Direction to New River Gorge. Made famous by the Bridge spanning the New River, a bridge that I could not find a suitable location to photograph. They exist in multitude, I was just unwilling to take the time to go find them. This is aContinue reading “New River Gorge”

Almost Heaven?

Almost Heaven. West Virginia’s recreational moniker. Is it though? The time for change was present so I went on a mission was to find a new playground to explore. And I succeeded. I had never explored West Virginia before, in my mind it never had the appeal of Maine, The Whites, The Smokies or theContinue reading “Almost Heaven?”

My First Go Round with High Speed Sync

Being someone who likes action oriented photos as much as I like the static ones, I have always wanted to get into high-speed sync. The Canon 430 used on camera does a decent job, if you are close, but I have always wanted something with a bit more juice to it. Not having the budgetContinue reading “My First Go Round with High Speed Sync”

No Tolerance for Ignorance

I need to get back and pay attention to this area of my life. Growing up I thought life was supposed to get easier as you got older, it seems to be steamrolling right along, without a chance to step back and relax. I have started to make time for doing nothing, just to tryContinue reading “No Tolerance for Ignorance”