A Sweet 16th!

A sweet 16 party at the Captain’s Inn kicked off the weekend and the next phase in a young girls life. I had the pleasure of photographing the event and with the guest of honor being a dancer, she has been in front of my lens and in many of my live dance photos numerous times.

Kels ISH

Events like this are always loads of fun but this one was also bit nerve racking for me as I knew many of the over 100 people in attendance from our dance school. Likewise, this also made it very easy to capture the craziness,

Craziness on the dance floor

and truly feel the emotional moments like those between best friends during the candle lighting ceremony,

Best Friends

 Parents beaming with pride, 


A group of friends showing their support,


An evening of celebration and by the end, some worn out and very tired feet, 


Happy Sweet 16 Kelsey!


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Squirrels and Serenity

I sit here on my patio, John Mayer playing through the earphones, waiting for the storm to roll in.Observing all the little creatures flying around me, perching themselves on the tree branches, the fence posts, eating the seeds off the ground.

There is a squirrel sitting on the fence eyeing up the bird food. Unsure if he should jump on the little tablet holding a plate of bread. He is actually checking me out. Wondering if I will stop him. I am after one of our Cardinals who has been very elusive this year.

I have been longing for simplicity for a while now, seemingly this coincided with me delving into learning about serious photography and the simple act of pressing a button. This may be a bit of a misnomer as I have discovered because there is a great deal involved in creating and capturing a respectable photo.

I find myself dismissing a great shot because there is a tiny section of the picture that bothers me. Seeing people post blurry photos or ones with blown out highlights, or color balance issues, cut off appendages bothers me. Why? these are pure reflections of what someone saw at the time. I would be terribly embarrassed to put up something like that. I have discovered many people do not see these things and are perfectly happy with what they got. I am OK with that. Just not on any of my pages.I captured a beautiful picture of my daughter recently but considered it a throwaway, not worthy of public consumption. A small leaf positioned itself to close to her face…

The squirrel is inching closer…about to get a taste. Should I let him or throw this frisbee towards him. Only if he starts eating it.

I am a people person, I love to photograph people. I have become very good at eliciting a great head shot. I have begun to delve into the world of beauty/fashion portraiture. However when you are first starting out people can be difficult to come by. Not sure if they think you are not serious, maybe they are just scared or nervous to participate in the adventure, unwilling even if it a free shoot while I get together a portfolio. And that is where nature comes in. It is always available. It never says no. It may put up a fight every now and then, may not produce colors you want but it is always there, willing and waiting, right outside your door.


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Why don’t they smile?

I was recently asked why in many of my photographs my subjects are not smiling. “They are all so serious looking”. Composing myself after laughing so hard, I proceeded to explain the look that those particular pictures were conveying. Each person has a specific look they are seeking to achieve, maybe it is dramatic or serious, or beauty, or sneaky and mischievous! They understood my explanation and then we followed up by viewing some head shots and beauty shots by very a few highly successful photographers.

This comment did have lasting repercussions for me as I began worrying people would think that is all I sought during a session. Currently it is easier for me to coach a subject into a beautiful look that does not have a smile than to elicit a natural reaction of a smile that is submissible. I also happen to like the non smiling beauty look very much. And they do not really look serious, they just are not smiling…..

So, to quell my worries and insecurities and to show that we do have fun during a session I give you smiles!

Nat Tara ToriB EricaH McKenzie Mike

Sooner or later I will release a post that includes all the goofy faces we go through during a session. Still building that catalog, as I get more actors and actresses in the studio the goofiness will become even goofier!  Put them in character and let them roll…

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