Christine and Kenny at the Bridgewater Manor

I had the honor of participating in Christine and Kenny’s wedding at the Bridgewater Manor this past weekend. Mother Nature moved the celebration indoors, but that did not dampen the spirits of this happy couple. Congratulations Christine and Kenny! There are some opportunities you wait all night for!  Gotcha!   Christine and Kenny – MayContinue reading “Christine and Kenny at the Bridgewater Manor”

Dance for a Cure

The Lacey Township High School Interact Club sponsors an annual event to benefit Ocean of Love, an organization that is dedicated to helping child hood cancer victims and their families. Five dance studios came together for this years Dance for a Cure and performed 24 routines to the joy of a crowded auditorium. I haveContinue reading “Dance for a Cure”

Just Some Random Thoughts

As I begin this  post I have no title. I wish to convey my thoughts on a few things related to photography. It has been a a little over a year since I began this quest and while I have garnered a tremendous amount of knowledge I am still lacking in application. Though I thinkContinue reading “Just Some Random Thoughts”