A Boardwalk Stroll

Part of our recent trip to Ocean City, Maryland involved a couple of strolls along their famous boardwalk. I have always been intrigued by the styling’s of street photography but have never attempted to undertake the always interesting, somewhat nerve racking, sometimes dangerous aspect of this genre. I do people watch, all the time in fact. I am constantly looking for expressions, shapes, styles, contours, and colors but as a portrait photographer, not as a sometimes sneaky I caught you looking like that photographer.  Anyway, I figured why not give it a go and see what translates out.

I already know how to be subtle and not so subtle…but I did not realize how fast you need to be when trying to capture the image that you see in your head as it walks by. Some knew, most did not, I only requested one shot, and even got photo bombed by my daughter as I was lining someone up. I wanted to request a couple more but did not get up the nerve. All in all pretty cool experience, turned out much better than I anticipated.  A common theme? Boardwalks have lots of food….

I present to you my interpretation of the people of the Ocean City Boardwalk

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In This Leap

I was in Maryland recently cheering on my daughter’s dance team during their national competition. During some down time, standing on the balcony of our hotel, seven floors up and over looking the ocean I get a call from my daughter who was on the beach with a friend. “Dad, can you take pictures of us jumping?” Unable to resist the challenge on went the 200 mm, and a few phone calls later we had what we wanted.


This image of Brittany captured the attention of one of our friends, who sent it to one of her friends who just happens to be a terrific writer. Inspired by the photograph of a leaping dancer a poem was born:


 It is here that I live

the in between realm

of Being and flying

the space between soft sand and azure sky

where my legs are strong,

my hair flows like a running stream,

and my purpose shines

just beyond the salmon horizon.

In this leap is my freedom.

I sing here,

I dance here

I am.

Cristina M. R. Norcross

Copyright 2014

Thank you Cristina for touching our lives!

And for those of you wondering what the other half of the tandem accomplished:


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A Whirlwind Finish

A three week whirlwind of dance has come to a close and with it the end of our dance season. The end of June was the annual recital beginning with dress rehearsals,

"Secrets" Dress rehearsal Run

Followed a couple of days later with a weekend full of sold out recital performances,

Godfather _pSp

A couple of rehearsals and lots of packing for the next week then off we went to Nationals in Ocean City MD. I was not able to take pictures during the national competition. This is a whole other story which I will be leaving alone, but as always the team was amazing and scored very well for all their routines!

During my downtime from being a dance dad I was of course chasing the light. I had intended to recruit some dancers for a sunrise shoot, but at this time of year the sun rises way too early for me to stick to such a request. 5 am wake up is not my idea of a good time during a week of no work, I can not imagine the girls wanting to do it on a day they had to dance. Nevertheless, I did manage to arise early enough on one day for an attempt at getting an Ocean City sunrise. Had a small problem with some clouds getting in the way thus eliminating 95% of the color; and this turned out to be the theme of the week for me for sunrise:

Sunrise_pSpand sunset:

Sunset _pSp

I am still on the hunt for an undisturbed sunset over the water photograph, being on the east coast I need bay views but by the end of the summer I hope to have what I am seeking. Not only did the sun hide during the color hours it did a bit of hiding during the midday hours as well!

This is a view down the strip on a very stormy day from our room on the 15th floor:


Friday was the final day for competition and after all responsibilities were taken care of, it was time to do a little sightseeing! First stop was the boardwalk section at the end of the island. Ocean City has two distinct sections in their two and a half mile long boardwalk. The classic and the modern. The classic section is your typical wooden planked boardwalk with arcades and shops, a bit run down looking, old if you will.

The modern section was more to my liking. While it also had your typical boardwalk retail stores it was upbeat and filled with some quite interesting looking and uniquely named shops.

One place that I feel I have visited all too often:

NutHouse_pSpQuite tasty and recommended. An art gallery that took it to the extreme:


And some street performers that rocked! This dude is not only very talented he is also really funny and engages the crowd quite well. He can be found at The Reid Show:



Musical Performers, A large sand art display,

Last Supperl _pSp

and a few illustrative artists also were present. Our favorite artist was actually someone who uses spray paint for his pictures. We were blown away with this process and the resulting detail so we ended up purchasing one of his works. He can be found here, be sure and check out the videos. Good times.

The following day we made our way to Assateague Island to check out the wild horses:

Graze_pSpThere are about 105 of them on the island and we managed to come in contact with about 20 of them. They do not get spooked by humans but have been known to bite if you try to touch them. Just imagine the look on the face of a visitor when they pull into a trail head parking area and see this:

Respecting the Handicap Spot-pSp

We saw one that was limping and asked a park ranger if they intervene at all. They will only intervene if an animal was injured by human interaction. If the horses fight and one gets hurt natural evolution is in play. Fair enough. This is definitely a place we will be visiting again to do some camping. Maybe we will even have a few visitors stop by for dinner…I was incredibly thrilled with some of the shots I captured of these magnificent creatures. Off to the printers we will be going.

We took a beach trail as well, did not see any horses on that one but came across a road (Baltimore Avenue) that was washed out in a 1962 Nor’easter and devastated the entire area as well. Much like Sandy did to the Jersey Shore last year.


We met this little guy at the information center:

ScreechOwl _pSp

A day concluded, a wake up and a trip back home. Part of our short jaunt includes a ferry ride spanning a 17 mile channel from Delaware to New Jersey. I was hoping to have some Dolphin photos but they stayed out and away from the boat so I only was able to capture one as it was swimming. No jumps today…The jetty’s on the Delaware side are very nice aesthetically and I did manage to capture this image which eluded me on the way in.


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