A Funny Thing Happened…

Exit 82 Theater’s production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is now underway at the Arts and Community Center of Ocean County College. I just completed my third production photographing this troupe and each show I do they get better and better. Entering just its sixth season, a core group of super talented producers and performers and have emerged leading the way for three productions this year. Mind you, these are all volunteer performers doing it for the love of the art and it shines as bright as the sun. I think I was laughing so hard at one point my 1/1000 shutter speed was not quick enough to prevent some blur. Had to regain composure rather abruptly so I could take care of the task at hand.

Exit 82 Theater COmpany

I am really liking this next image. Lycus is the character’s name.

Exit 82 Theater COmpany

Enjoyment and surprise…

Exit 82 Theater COmpany


Satisfaction and disbelief…

Exit 82 Theater COmpany


Exit 82 Theater COmpany

Hysterium gets my award for best expressions. His character had a very strong presence during the show.


The Roman Captain, Does he get the girls?

Exit 82 Theater COmpany

Words of wisdom…

Exit 82 Theater COmpany

This show runs through Sunday, if you are in the area looking for a good adventure grab your tickets and help support the local arts.

Thanks for stopping by, Till the next time….


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2 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened…

  1. love the pictures. the costumes are so colorful and the vibrancy really comes through. on a side note, I saw it two months ago in Israel and the show is hysterical

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