The Yard Sale Editorial

A town wide yard sale, a bunch of old dance clothes and our daughters curious friend. These elements came into play for a spur of the moment, off the cuff shoot entitled “The Yard Sale Editorial”.

While we were going through a few years of dance costumes our daughters friend found great interest in some of the outfits. Being a normal teenager she decided to try a few things on in a not so normal fashion. A tutu skirt donned as a hat set my mind adrift in photographic opportunity.  While not my normal style, I thought it may be fun to experiment a bit and see what transpired.


I do believe she thought I was a bit crazy, and I am positive she had no idea what was in store when she agreed to a quick shoot. It was already 10:30 pm, so we were all a bit tired. So, my stylist and trusted second pair of eyes joined me in producing the following selections.

I certainly would like to create some more images of this nature. Probably should plan ahead next time, but these spur of the moment sessions are lots of fun. You never know what will happen when you have old dance costumes hanging around.

Thanks for stopping by, Till next time!

Published by Phil Shepherd

Capturing my interpretation of this world and its inhabitants... I am a Headshot and Portrait Photographer and supporter of Live, Local Music. This offering is dedicated mainly to Mom Nature and the travels I indulge in with her.

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