The Pointe of the Matter

I have been wanting to try a particular lighting style for a couple of months now and since we are in the middle of competition season my subjects have been a bit busy. This is the first time I have tried using a couple of lights with grids to point the direction of the light towards specific areas of the frame. For my first attempt I would say not too bad, but I am no where near where I want to be with this. (I am not counting the ten minutes my daughter gave me a few weeks ago, but that was a good starting point). There are still a few too many shadows and the lights are not concentrated exactly where I need them to be. So next time I will try one grid and a different modifier. But that is what this journey is all about, experimenting, learning and improving with every opportunity you get.

One more competition to go then a little refresh before recitals then nationals in July. The big question is who is going to be the next volunteer to join me in my quest…….

Remember, my daughter gave me a whole ten minutes, but ten minutes was enough for me to get a baseline to start from.

First attempt

This next young lady is one of the dancers at our school and she happened to see a couple of those pictures of my daughter and decided to be a willing participant in my education. If you have been following along you know that I am very intrigued by the art of Ballet. When you are young however, Ballet and Pointe are separated because of the difficulty involved. The faces on these girls after their pointe classes says nothing but pain. But they love it!

 We had a moment during the session where we were doing a bit on lacing up the shoes. Without further ado…

The delicate nature of the ribbon made to secure to those who its given,

Ribbon presentation

Wrapped around and placed for beauty and grace,

The Wrap

But satin can be slippery, uncooperative,

Not Cooperating

At times frustrating and annoying,


Give me some strength!

Little Break

In the end it is about the love of dance,

A little love

For now the knot complete, it is time to be…

It all works out

Up on Pointe!

On pointe

And on all pointes…..

Back Bend

Thanks to my dancer for being the star of this post. For great personal inspiration I must give a shout out to Jordan Matter. I have been following his work recently and it has certainly motivated me. Jordan released a book a few months ago call Dancer’s Among Us. If you are interested in dance at all I encourage you to check it out.

Thanks for stopping by, till next time!

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