Dance Season is Upon Us

Seems appropriate that I get off my duff and continue where I left off at the end of last summer when I was trying out some new lighting gear. A blurry few months have shot by and it is a new year now, with dance season bearing down upon us. For the next five months many of my weekends will be spent glued to the viewfinder with hundreds of competition dancers leaping across the plane of my lens. I can only hope the light is good during these events as we are subject to the confines of the stage we are visiting. Ain’t no flash here.

The second go round I had with the Flashpoint Xplor Pro 600 back in the fall was just as awesome as the first. Mary Cate was the subject for this particular evening, and even though we did not get much color in the sky, the fact finding mission was accomplished and we captured some great material in the process.

Mary Cate is a dancer of course, long and lean with some great lines. To refresh, I was checking out the high speed sync capabilities so my shutter speeds were upwards of 4000 with the tele lens at 2.8, and 2000 with the wide at 4.0. Since this time I have become a big fan of this series of light, and at half price or better from the big boys, very well worth it.

I think the biggest challenge when shooting during a setting sun is the large change that happens in natural light in a very quick time span. The constant evaluation of meter readings can be a pain but once you get a base, should not be that bad. Grabbed this on while the sun was still reasonable, but no clouds to play with so a little flare:

Then after a bit it came time for another base exposure

And then the real fun began:

The final series of the night and a look that seems to have become very popular in the dance world. Or maybe it has always been and I just have not seen it much. Either Way…

It was great having some one on one time with the dancers, always a pleasure getting them in this environment. Spring should be right around the corner, though we really have not had much of a winter yet, so as soon as it warms up I will get them back out there. In the meantime to the stage we go!

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Dance Past and Present

I have started capturing images for the upcoming dance year but it seems a bit odd for I am just finishing up the last years worth of images to include in a book. Things really do not get too busy till December as the season is only one month old so for now I am getting some of the dancers into the studio for some custom images. Thus Dance Past and Present. Aside from my daughter I have a couple of dancers who regularly come in and help me out with my projects during their inception.

The concentration for the next couple of months will be capturing the attitude in the more edgy styles of dance performed at the studio and to see what kind of “action” shots I can set up. For the first session a dancer who has seen my lens up close many a time agreed to pose for me.


KC_HH_pShepherd-69Adding a little movement



And concluding with a lot of flare!


I am very confident when capturing the live performances of the team, other than positioning myself due to the heads getting in the way I have no issues. Getting them in the studio with some kind of creative light going is still very much trial and error for me. I am very thankful for my first subject for it is because of her I am able to improve and try new and different ways of doing things

I could not resist sticking a softbox in front of her before we ended.


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