Young Frankenstein

I recently photographed the last two dress rehearsals of a local theaters production of Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein. In their  fifth season,  Exit 82 Theater Company is a non profit organization based out of Toms River, NJ and is comprised of an all volunteer staff and crew with an age range of 15 – 45. IContinue reading “Young Frankenstein”

Madi Gras Graduation meets White Seamless

A Madi Gras/Masquerade themed party highlighted our daughters 8th grade graduation party recently and being a good parent and wanting to document the event I forced myself to break out the white seamless and a couple of flashes. Yup, I forced myself….NOT….what better way to get some simple portrait time in, make people happy andContinue reading “Madi Gras Graduation meets White Seamless”