Never Give Up

My working title and placeholder in my drafts as I began this was “Without Success”. A mid summer trip to Maine proved to be unfavorable to its intended purpose of grabbing some photos of the Milky Way in a dark sky location. I went up for a three night stay and every night was either cloudy or rainy. Quite the drag. My second reason for the short trip though, was to reacquaint myself with a few spots and a general scouting mission for a trip up in the beginning of October. I have been to Acadia three times without my wife, and our schedules finally fell in line for both of us to get away. I promised her a trip to see the milky way with her naked eye. Mother Nature please be kind to us.

Arriving on a Tuesday night I had a little bit of time before darkness fell so I cruised into the park to check out my spot then jetted off to Jordan Pond to check out the last few minutes of the setting sun. Does anyone even say jetted still?

Darkness fell and the night was a total wash. Covered in clouds. But I did scope out a couple of other spots along the road other than Sand Beach to hit up in October. And of course make sure they were doable in the dark. The next day I just drove around the park a bit, biding my time until a slotted 14:30 reservation to go up Cadillac Mountain. I did manage to find the quintessential coastline shot I keep seeing in the advertisements. So why not?

And just because, the rear bay/lake/pond behind Otter Cove. Nothing special, but there had to have been twenty or thirty people on the actual Otter Cove side while just me on this side of the road. A very peaceful few feet difference.

So reservation, you now need to secure a spot to go up the mountain. I get it, and although not over crowded, it was still crowded. The past two trips were sparse, active but sparse. This one was just filled with an insane number of people. Anyway, Cadillac Mountain. The goal was to tool around up there until the sunset. It was nice for a while, then came the clouds and no colors to be had. And no night shooting…

On way way down I did see this very interesting bit of cover which I had to capture. Clouds just hovering over the islands. No where else were they that low.

My plan for Thursday was to drive up to the Mt Katahdin area and check out the views from the Katahdin Loop Road. Well, yup, you guessed it. Clouds and rain. The start of the loop is very discernable, a good sized lot on the left and this on the right. I captured this on my way out, had to get to the overlook before….

I arrived at the overlook just in time to see the peak of Mt. Katahdin disappear into the clouds

I did get my adventure in though. The loop road is 16 or so miles of packed dirt, pot holes, rocks and gravel. That is after the 5+ miles of logging roads you travel to get there. It was fun, hardly anyone up there, very remote. Had to cut the agenda short because of the rain though. But since I was 3 hrs away from Acadia I had to get in at least one waterfall before I left.

Shin Pond Falls is a very short hike once you find the trail head. It is flat until you get to the falls so no problems there. My old man cautious self kicked in, well mostly, so I did not go seeking vantage points other than what was given me. This is a view of the upper falls. I actually dislike shooting from the tops of falls.

The lower falls. It was a sketchy trip down the hill just because of the rain. Angled wet roots scare me. Between my tripod and a small guide rope to hang on to when needed it all turned out OK.

So my goals in Maine were not met, my efforts, while altered were not wasted. One day, I will get mother nature on good behavior for me when I am shooting. Never Give Up! Spent a couple days in New Hampshire after this. Follow up soon.

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