Lavallette – #5

I do not think anyone in their right mind would head over to Lavallette and attempt to grab shots of the Milky Way. It is just not dark enough. Sandwiched between the Seaside and the Brick/Point corridors it is an area with copious amounts of illumination in the sky. Well, I guess I am not a sane person then. I am a very curious type though and when learning opportunities present themselves, sometimes you have to go outside the box.

I remember there being a few jetties off the beach in Lavallette, so I went to where I thought a couple were, but I could not see or find them. Note to self – Update list of Jetties in town. No Jetties means somewhat boring views. HHmm. Here I am trying to talk myself out of going there after the fact. I knew there would be light pollution, no biggie. It is practice.

00:29 16 mm 15 secs, f4, 3200

Well that is certainly not going to work. The human psyche is a fragile beast. You know all the shots are going to be crap, you know why you are there, but it behooves us to do the best we can and overcome the odds. Since I could not find my boulders, waters edge it is.

00:36 16 mm 20 secs, f2.8 3200

So much light coming in from Seaside, but there she is, looks visible to me. Well, visible to the camera, I cannot see a damn thing. My goal for the night was to get some longer exposures of the foreground and try to stack some images of the sky. I am still not grasping this stacking thing, perhaps it was because of the brightness in the sky I could not tell a difference. I actually appreciated the single shots more. Continued education needed.

Sky 7 images at 10 seconds, foreground 90 seconds

Here is a single sky shot blended with the same foreground. Learning what not to do…

I think more than anything, we learn what not to do and them adapt our to do’s. Is that called trying? There is always something to adjust, every location is different. The two week viewing period for June is rapidly approaching, I have three spots I am eyeing. One is common, one is popular but could be hit or miss. and one is, um, different. We will find out soon enough.

01:49 17 mm 15 secs f4, 6400

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Rain, rain, and more rain. Thanks for stopping by!


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