Dress Rehearsals

The dance school had their dress rehearsal today for our upcoming regional competition in Brooklyn. This was also a dress rehearsal for me, as it has been a while since I have taken crappy light action photos. The project I did in December for the school was low light, and for the most part my 7D handled it quite nicely and produced some very nice photographs. I also benefited from being very close to the dancers. Today, not so much.

R1Phil Shepherd_-206

My goal today was to get some wide-angle shots of the dances and I did succeed in doing that. Today though my throw away counts were much higher than normal. Since I am a canon guy….5D mark III anyone? l can dream right? I was tempted to ask the light guy for some more juice, but we were guests and I wanted the challenge.

The overhead pots were  the only ones on here, the strip in the back is not on.

R1Phil Shepherd_-200

The past couple of years we have had dress rehearsal at one of the local elks lodge’s and because I am who I am and the space was isolated I very well could not be present when the dressing rooms were in the same room as the dances!   This year rehearsal was held at a local high school which meant all was safe for me. Sweeeet!

So back to this light stuff and my desires for wide-angle today. The competitions also have some low light but it is your typical indoor event stage lighting. I can get away with an iso of 2000 and produce a decent exposure. I was at 2000 today and my meter barely registered. The actual competitions are not wide-angle friendly. Lots and lots of heads in the way. Heads of the audience, heads of the judges and a riser in the middle holding the music and photo crews. So it is more of a long lens day and normally from a slight angle. Today was for the groups, not something I often get to do.

The opening of this dance…..picture Peanut on steroids. I had one of those mouth wide open in disbelief moments.

My apologies to the dancer I cut out, just was not wide enough for this next one.

From the same dance, and to show a good example of the challenges of stage lighting:

Different LightThere looks to be about five different textures of light in this one. Good times! Very difficult to edit, impossible for me to do. I am not that skilled.

One of my favorite shots of the day, and a dance I am looking forward to shooting live:

Looking up

My favorite discipline is still ballet and these young girls are beautiful. The light even adds an interesting pattern


Five days to go!  Wish us luck!

Before I sign off, I just had a fleeting thought of what some people may be wondering. Am I a dance dad. Technically speaking, yes. I have a daughter who is very involved in dance and my wife and I support her artistic desires 100%. But we leave it right there, we know she is in good hands. I do not think anyone in our studio is remotely close to resembling that show that I have seen for about 15 minutes just to fulfill my curiosity. I will even say this, dance moms is like the show Jersey Shore. Neither one of them is a true representation of what either is really like. Reality TV my @%%. Bring back The Sing Off, that was enjoyable.

All for now, Till next time….

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