A Time for Children

We have approached that time of year in which the majority recognize and celebrate the birth of a child. Let me say that again, recognize and celebrate the birth of a child. I often wonder whether this is truly understood, as its commercialism has dwarfed this holiday seasons true purpose and meaning. Whatever cynicism abounds in our eyes one thing is for certain, this is the time of year for families and more specifically a time of year for the children. A smile on the face of a child is a priceless moment when we know there is still peace and purity left in our world, it is a smile that lights up a room, and a little twinkle in the eye that says it’s OK  we’re going to be fine.

I do not consider myself to be very religious however I do consider myself to be spiritual and I believe I am very open-minded with regards to other’s ideologies. There is no one right answer for the collective, it is up to the individual to decide the direction they take and once that choice is made, so be it. I do not want to, nor will try to, change the choice of others. Be accepting, be respectful, be grateful and generous. This is what we have within ourselves. I am truly hoping that our next generation of children is raised this way so we can escape some of the selfishness that is rampant today. That one statement is truly painful and concerns me the most about the future.

Luckily there are moments when hope abounds and it is understood what must be done.

Children are full of innocence and this is the time of year to make sure that stays intact. The threat of a stocking filled with coal is gone, and the countdown is on. Energy is in abundance and I try to absorb what I can and continue to learn how to make my life have some simplicity to it. I have dreamed many a time about buying out our family farm that one of my cousins live on. Though it has not been a source of income for many, many years, it has nature, lots of nature. There is a peacefulness in nature that you can not find anywhere else, well aside from a sleeping baby, and for me peace is happiness.

Happiness is:

As a child gets older you may find yourself feeling a little vulnerable, I know I have, and then you find yourself getting down right petrified. They grow up to become beautiful young adults and you just hope that you have steered them in the right direction. If I could freeze time I have yet to figure out the perfect age to keep our daughter at. Each year is magical. Maybe I could freeze time the moment she thinks she has met a boy she would like to start a relationship with….But then I would be stunting her growth…but you have to admit, for those of you with children entering that phase of their life you know you want to….

I found myself for the first time ever staying up and waiting for our daughter to get home Thanksgiving night. I felt like an expectant dad hoping his child is safe. I was really just psyching myself out thinking of what’s to come, undoubtedly sooner rather than later, either way much sooner than I want it to. And all along she was with one of our most trusted friends and her daughters. Yup, all in the head.

And then there are the ones that you know are going to be, well, dangerous. For our friend Tess: Good luck.

Cherish them, spoil them to a point. This is a time of year made for them and we should always keep that spirit alive. Whichever one that may be for you.

I was not sure where this post would lead me when I began drafting it. Kids are a tough topic for me – too sentimental. I hope it was enjoyed.

Happy Holidays to all!

Till next time…

Published by Phil Shepherd

Capturing my interpretation of this world and its inhabitants... I am a Headshot and Portrait Photographer and supporter of Live, Local Music. This offering is dedicated mainly to Mom Nature and the travels I indulge in with her.

One thought on “A Time for Children

  1. Great piece, Phil. You really captured the special feeling of being a parent. As a father of three grown daughters, I can tell you there will be many more nights spent staying up late (especially if Brit is anything like Nat).

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