Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea

This weeks WordPress weekly photo challenge is titled “The Sea”. Since I spend so much time there I can not let this one slide by me. These are a few of the photographs I have captured over the past year. 


The Sea2_pSp

The Sea1_pSp

The Sea_pSp

The Sea3_pSp

The Sea4_pSp

Thanks for stopping by. Heading to the beach! 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

This picture immediately came to mind when I read the topic for this weeks WordPress Weekly photo challenge, especially since I recently did a post with children. I took this one out of the archives. Even with his wings torn he is still managing to get around. The bush itself I would not call delicate, it has had many babies that have made their way to other parts of our yard and a few of our friends yards as well. Very hardy indeed.


This next one is from this past summer, captured while snacking on one of the newer bushes.

Thank you for stopping by!

Till next time…