Thoughts of a Teen

My daughter is graduating high school in just a few weeks. The day we all hope for good weather so we can enjoy the outside ceremonies instead of the gym. Although, the way the weather patterns have been this year, if it is outside we just might need to wear our winter clothes. While her major is not yet determined, she will be going on for a minor in dance. All good, I had no idea either when I embarked upon that journey.

One of her final projects for english/creative writing was to pen a series of short stories or poems. I wanted to share with you the one she shared with me. Proud papa moments.

She lived for him.

For the way his eyes sparkle when he looks at her.
For when they’re together and all they feel is love surrounding them, never letting them go.
His soft voice sounded like flower petals flowing in the wind.
His hands felt like a smooth warm blanket keeping her secure.
His lips a velvety touch to hers, nothing like she’s ever felt before.
He made her feel like there was galaxies racing through her body.
Her soul danced for him.
Making sure he never stopped smiling.
When he is sad, her heart crumbles just wishing that she could do something, anything to make him feel the least bit happy.
They laughed together, loved together, were happy together.

There was no place she’d rather be.

But when times got rough, all she felt was guilt, like she wasn’t good enough to keep him happy.
Like she wasn’t great enough to keep him going.
Although, she was his light, she knew she kept him going even though it didn’t seem like it.
For all those times that she felt worthless and like nothing, he made it better.
He made her feel something real.
She felt important and appreciated.
She never felt a love so consuming of her body, mind and spirit.
He had been the one she was always looking for.
She strived to be his number one.
His only one.

Now the question was… did he live for her?

-Brittany Shepherd


We have often talked about a major in creative writing, even philosophy. Letting her find her own way on this path, time will tell.

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A New Year, A New You

Here we are already three weeks in to the new year, so why does it feel like yesterday and why do the days go by so fast. Yeah I know, why ask why. Just take it and run with it and try and keep up. ¬†One thing I always keep up with is watching “my” dancers grow. I refer to them as my dancers mainly because they are in front of my lens for the better part of five months out of the year. I am like a proud father watching the maturation process take place throughout their years on the dance team.

Kelsey is one of the girls who has grown into not only a gorgeous and artistic dancer but has blossomed into a beautiful woman as well. She came in over the holiday season to update her head shots and capture a few portraits.


I was excited that she understood the need for a good head shot as they can be applied to so many outlets now. Social media is ripe with selfies and if you are creating a presence or portraying your personal brand the ole selfie is not the way to go. I think the one outlet that I am amazed at is LinkedIn. Holy mackerel, why do people do that to themselves? Do your self justice and have a photo that represents you. Granted my profile photo is not that great either but I just can not get my wife to press that button for me…Selfie with tools…

Back to Kelsey. I finally secured a couple of the modifiers I have been pining for and what a difference. I shoot in a somewhat confined space and I feel a medium softbox is a bit large for my purposes when it comes to head shots. A couple of strip lights do the job quite nicely.

After we had secured our head shots she sat for a few different portrait looks. One with a bit of a fine art feel to it.


And one that truly shows her spunk


And I think this one may be my favorite of the bunch


To Kelsey and the rest of my dancers best of luck in the coming months and to those of you who need to update your presence, get in touch with me and lets make the world a more attractive place.

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