Squirrels and Serenity

I sit here on my patio, John Mayer playing through the earphones, waiting for the storm to roll in.Observing all the little creatures flying around me, perching themselves on the tree branches, the fence posts, eating the seeds off the ground.

There is a squirrel sitting on the fence eyeing up the bird food. Unsure if he should jump on the little tablet holding a plate of bread. He is actually checking me out. Wondering if I will stop him. I am after one of our Cardinals who has been very elusive this year.

I have been longing for simplicity for a while now, seemingly this coincided with me delving into learning about serious photography and the simple act of pressing a button. This may be a bit of a misnomer as I have discovered because there is a great deal involved in creating and capturing a respectable photo.

I find myself dismissing a great shot because there is a tiny section of the picture that bothers me. Seeing people post blurry photos or ones with blown out highlights, or color balance issues, cut off appendages bothers me. Why? these are pure reflections of what someone saw at the time. I would be terribly embarrassed to put up something like that. I have discovered many people do not see these things and are perfectly happy with what they got. I am OK with that. Just not on any of my pages.I captured a beautiful picture of my daughter recently but considered it a throwaway, not worthy of public consumption. A small leaf positioned itself to close to her face…

The squirrel is inching closer…about to get a taste. Should I let him or throw this frisbee towards him. Only if he starts eating it.

I am a people person, I love to photograph people. I have become very good at eliciting a great head shot. I have begun to delve into the world of beauty/fashion portraiture. However when you are first starting out people can be difficult to come by. Not sure if they think you are not serious, maybe they are just scared or nervous to participate in the adventure, unwilling even if it a free shoot while I get together a portfolio. And that is where nature comes in. It is always available. It never says no. It may put up a fight every now and then, may not produce colors you want but it is always there, willing and waiting, right outside your door.


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Just Some Random Thoughts

As I begin this  post I have no title. I wish to convey my thoughts on a few things related to photography. It has been a a little over a year since I began this quest and while I have garnered a tremendous amount of knowledge I am still lacking in application. Though I think that no matter how new or old you are in this field application is always needed.  I know this will come over time but I want it to occur much faster. It is a feeling much like baking brownies, you have all the ingredients, mix them together, get a little taste of that batter, your mouth begins to cherish the thought of them when they come out of the oven. But then you have to wait for them to cool….You know they are done, but not quite ready yet. You want one now! but they will taste so much better a few minutes later. Patience you tell yourself. But they are perfect now! But in ten minutes they will be heavenly….Patience. All in due time.

Patience is waiting for the moon to be just at the right place in the sky as it rises. I recently used this picture but it fits here too!

Over the Bay


High Dynamic Range. This is one are of photography people either love or hate. There does not seem to be any middle ground with this one. Personally I like it. Great for landscape shots. Simply bracketing your frames resulting in different exposures. They say cheating. Ha! I always considered myself a purist, how does blending three or more   different exposures constitute cheating? Under, over, exact. Especially without further alteration. I could say Photoshop is cheating. Same bloody concept. Putting things where they are not, creating something false. Layers. What is the difference between layers and bracketing? Would not bracketing be a purer form?

DT Shack

Granted I have no idea how to use Photoshop, layers confuse the heck out of me. I am trying to learn Elements but need a hands on class to do so. I shoot RAW. I love Lightroom and use it exclusively for all my developing, er, editing. Which is another interesting topic. You edit your photos on the computer but you develop them in the darkroom. Since LR is my digital darkroom more often than not I say I develop the photos rather than edit. To edit is to change, to develop is to bring out. Yes LR has some fantastic editing capabilities. And I do take advantage of them when needed. Who wants a picture with, um, an imperfection in it….Blemish here, scar there,……….

Ultimately I am a people person. I specialize in Head Shots. I am still fine tuning my approach and need to even out my lighting. Which, will come over time and more sessions (There’s that phrase again). I love the interaction, I love the subtle changes that occur within the minor movements and the way they can make or break the shot. I love the natural reactions as well as the posed looks. I love the fact that I am helping them present themselves in a manner in which they are comfortable with. Peter Hurely pumps me up. Whoa, That was random, but definitely true!


Below is my daughter. What an incredible challenge and a whole lot of work to shoot. Very resistant to follow dad’s coaching. I should pay to get hers done, but why? Why can’t shooting family members be easier. Maybe it is just a teenage thing. There is something about this image that I just love. Perhaps an expression not often seen.


Get her in dance mode though and things do get a whole lot easier.

Britt on Pointe

Dance is another subject I am enamored with. Movements, expressions, shapes. Love it!  Our season is winding down. 8 more weeks to go. I will be compiling the season for a pre-nationals slide show. Got to get them pumped up!

As the pollen encrusts my eyes I guess the moral of this ramble is that I have learned there is no right or wrong in photography, it is ok to break the “rules”, there is definitely good and bad though. Much like life, everyday is a learning experience.

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