Squirrels and Serenity

I sit here on my patio, John Mayer playing through the earphones, waiting for the storm to roll in.Observing all the little creatures flying around me, perching themselves on the tree branches, the fence posts, eating the seeds off the ground. There is a squirrel sitting on the fence eyeing up the bird food. UnsureContinue reading “Squirrels and Serenity”

Why don’t they smile?

I was recently asked why in many of my photographs my subjects are not smiling. “They are all so serious looking”. Composing myself after laughing so hard, I proceeded to explain the look that those particular pictures were conveying. Each person has a specific look they are seeking to achieve, maybe it is dramatic orContinue reading “Why don’t they smile?”

A Fathers Pride…

It is that time of year once again, school formals and proms. This is our first of many formals to come for our little dancer and this father could not be prouder of what our daughter is becoming, a beautiful young lady. This one does not have the angst for me as I am sureContinue reading “A Fathers Pride…”


“They all look the same”. I heard a person at the conference I attended say this to his friend as we were walking by Peter Hurley’s workshop. Slowing down and turning ever so slightly to this gentleman I responded, “Totally different, each picture is totally different from the other”. He turned away, I kept walkingContinue reading “Representing…..You!”

The On the Road Seminar

I just completed a two day Photography seminar in Atlantic City, NJ entitled On the Road 2013. It was an incredibly educational experience and I can not recommend it enough. Speakers and presenters included some of the top names in the industry and tracks were available for shooting and business. The Seminar was primarily gearedContinue reading “The On the Road Seminar”