Blackwater Falls – Day Two

The day two destination was the area of Blackwater Falls. It was just over a two hour drive from where I was staying, which would normally be a no go in my book, but since I was on a mission of exploration and discovery I accepted my fate. This was initially to be my base of operations until I decided to take in more of the area. I am already planning a trip back here in October. There are so many sights to see and things to do I think I may be making a few trips over the next couple of years. Might even get lucky and coral a dark sky or two.

More steps to these falls. 214 to be exact. But they were dry! A couple of different viewing platforms on the way down, no free trailing here. Gorgeous, but almost a commercial feeling to it because of the way the entrance is set up. There are a couple of other vantage points as well I just chose not to go there.

Pretty great idea building a park within an area of so many amazing sites. The next set of falls is close by, right next to Blackwater Lodge. A short jaunt through the woods on a slightly covered trail. This was a day of the walk, no hiking needed which was much appreciated. Free to roam on this one to get the best vantage point. I was able to get to two of the four on this run. I could hear the third one clearly but it would involve a bit of bushwhacking to get to and being unsure of the access limitations no further off-trailing to be had.

Lots of room to roam
Wall Art!

The name of the first one is Elakala Falls. I do think they each have there own name but they are all in an area entitled Shays Run. This next one was a bit difficult to get in front of. That gap is not as narrow as it appears.

After I was done admiring the falls I went out to Lindy Point. Parking is a bit tight, but most people do not stay long so spots open up frequently. Another short trail brings you out to this:

While there is an actual platform to hang out on, there are also rock ledges accessible on either side for other vantage points should you desire. And if you are young and adventurous, you can jump four feet across to get to one of the tower formations for the perfect angle. This is a great lunch spot or in my case a spot to take in various snacks.

Douglas Falls was an interesting ride. Bringing you through a older town and wondering if you are going the right way you get to a dirt road, then a bit later passing some old coal ovens you get to park and walk 100 or so yards. Follow the stream…

There was much more to explore but I wrapped it up early so I did not have to drive back in the dark. Made it back to the cabin for dinner and still feeling the energy I decided to go suffer the night skies. I knew the clouds would be interfering with me for the duration so I went out before the moon set just to check it out. This is the Droop Mountain Battlefield lookout tower. I spent some daylight hours here so more to come on this front. This is 30 seconds of moonlight. If I had more patience I would have gone out later in the night when it had set, or perhaps if there were no clouds I would have just stayed and waited a couple of hours for the moon to go away. If…

Reservations made for October! Super excited to go back. Thanks for stopping by!


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