A Heady Plea

This entry is not about the pictures. It is a heady plea to protect our children and their friends. Schools are out and the weather is warm. Skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, quads, dirt bikes, the list goes on. Many people like to tempt fate and leave their buckets on the shelf when they go out.

My full time job, the one that pays the bills is a Paramedic. I do not ride full time any longer on the truck because of administrative responsibilities but I still see my fare share of neglect.  The following excerpt can be about anyone of us, any of our children, families or friends. It is actually a pretty generic description of incidents that transpire everyday:

Pt found lying on side of road prone, combative, confused. Pt was on his skateboard    going down a large street hill , fell off hitting the back of his head and sliding down    street approx 3-4 feet, Positive Loss of Consciousness. Pt combative ,  vomiting. Large laceration with crepitus to  back of head, Abrasions to Left eye, L shoulder , L elbow, L flank, R + L knees.  Raccoon  eyes noted with pupils equal and reactive to light. Pt repetitive questioning, c/o  headache and feeling cold with no recall of incident.

Do you know what was missing? The Brain Bucket. Too cool. Too Hot, Too Cocky. Too Stupid. Neglect? Perhaps. This is the helmet I wear when I am cycling. Yes it was somewhat expensive. But there are ones much less expensive and crash worthy enough for skate boards and the like. And definitely cooler looking.


This is not recent, probably about 8 years ago, debridement sucks….. a bunch. But I had a helmet on..Did not even think of putting this in until now. …But it works.

Picture 701

So if you do not have a helmet, if your kids do not have a helmet, if your friends neighbors cousins do not have helmets, urge them on. Save a brain.  Better to lose a little off the top of your helmet…..

BrainBucket_PShepherd-6Than off the top of your head….

All for now, till next time!


Published by Phil Shepherd

Capturing my interpretation of this world and its inhabitants... I am a Headshot and Portrait Photographer and supporter of Live, Local Music. This offering is dedicated mainly to Mom Nature and the travels I indulge in with her.

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