Husband, Father, Paramedic, Chocoholic. I am a head shot and portrait photographer based in Ocean County, NJ and happily challenged by the diversity life offers. We live in a most wonderful world, full of unique personalities and individual styles. This word press site was my first foray into the world of blogging and coincided with me delving into all the complexities entailed in the pressing of a little button.

I freelance as a staff photographer for Speak Into My Good Eye, capturing and promoting the local music scene. And, every now and then, Mother Nature will draw me in and make me record the beautiful scenery she has to offer.

I get charged up by the micro expressions, angles and movements of the human body. From the slightest smirk and twinkle in the eye to its most raw and graceful shapes, it is all a unique and beautiful experience and as an added bonus everyone is different! I am still evolving by leaps and bounds with every session and every gig. Learning to understand the nuances of individual personalities and their reaction to being in front of a camera has been priceless.

I hope to share with you my experiences, trials and tribulations from my sessions or an occasional stroll through nature. Be sure and stop by my main page, or the musicians site.

Enjoy your time here. Feel free to leave a comment , follow along or just say hi!

Love to hear a comment with your thoughts!

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